Jim Beam Stamped Barrel Head Clock (Blunt Tip Hands)


Put some time into your favorite space. With the distillery stamp on display and the slight aroma of bourbon wafting around, this is a time piece that is sure to turn heads. This clock is made from a genuine reclaimed Jim Beam barrel head and with a little occasional love, it will be a unique conversation piece for generations to come.

Stamp Barrel Clock

All of us have special mementos in our homes. If you want to have something unique that speaks to and about you in your home, the stamp barrel clock from Mattox Ranch Woodcrafts is sure to please. Discover what this unique wood clock can do for your home.

A Fun Memento for Your Home

If you love antique, rustic, unique, or pub-inspired themes, then this clock is perfect for you. Its antique-looking façade heralds back to the Old West, and its wood material is perfect for a log cabin, barn, or traditional theme in any home. Hang it with pride so that everyone can know what you love.

A Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Have a loved one who enjoys old Westerns, Jim Beam, rustic wood art, or unique clocks? This stamp barrel head clock would be a perfect birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift. You get to show that you really care, and they get to enjoy a great piece of art for years to come.

A Quality Clock for You to Enjoy

No matter why you want a barrel head clock, you always get a quality product. At Mattox Ranch Woodcrafts, I create, fashion, and style each piece with love, care, and passion. With my years of experience, I make each piece to last. So if you want true quality, then you’ll love this barrel head clock.

A Great Piece of Art That Can Be Yours

Whether you want a fun, artistic clock to match your home décor, reflect your interests, or just because, you can enjoy this beautiful barrel head clock. Simply order your clock below. If you have any questions about this clock or any wood product on the website, please get in touch with me through the online form. I will be happy to answer any inquiries you have.


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